Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hares: Just Bryan, Just Renee
When: Wednesday the 16th, 6-9pm
Where: St. James Infirmary, 445 California Ave
Bring: Yourself ($5), virgins (free), other stuff
Wear: Something holiday-like. You know you're all doing the Santa Crawl and will probably still be sobering up so just keep the costume on and show up!

This is the last hash of 2009 so come out and say goodbye to this damn year in style.  Hey, we hashed at least 10 times this year and that's some kind of record as far as recent memory serves.

Dates for 2010 hashes have been announced so sign up to hare or co-hare.

On on,

Call Girl

Friday, December 4, 2009

HASH #6.69 Details

Hey Wankers!
Sorry for the late notice about tomorrow's hash, but as ya'll know we like to put out our information at the very last minute, so deal with it!
Where: Mayberry Park.  It's on 4th St. near Patagonia on Woodland St 
Cost: $5 (virgins free)
Time: 1 pm-4pm (hopefully we won't be out in the cold that long)
Other: Wear warm clothing because it's probably gonna be cold. Trail should be dog friendly.
Hares: Mother Focker and Poopa
Any other questions feel free to call me at 775.342.7594
Sister Focker