Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Next Hash - #3.69 (Updated!)

Hares: Poopatrooper & Call Girl 
When: Wednesday, October 28th, 6:00 p.m. (hares away at 6:15 sharp)
Where: NE Corner of Plumb and Lakeside, kinda south-east-ish Reno, Savemart Parking Lot. (2 blocks east of Virginia St)
Why: Because WE LOVE HASHING!!!
D’Erections: None. Map it.
Bring: Whistle, flashlight, dry shoes, clothes for Reno dusk weather, VIRGINS, $5 (virgins are free), Dangle.
Doggies? Trail is most likely dog friendly, but we can’t guarantee it right now. Definitely leashed. ONIN is NOT dog friendly.

Being just a few days before Halloween, feel free to wear a costume. Not required, but highly encouraged

Yes, this is a LIVE trail. Come out and try to snare a hare, mock your mismanagement, etc.!

Post a comment if you're planning on cumming or RSVP on Facebook!

On on,

Call Girl

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  1. Sounds like awesome. I'll be there unless something hilariously tragic happens. And if the location is really up in the air, I am a fan of middle-of-Reno/downtown.