Friday, October 2, 2009

Reno Hash History

Wow, talk about a flashback to the past.  Yesterday I received an email from our previous GM, Butt Motion, stating that he had collected all the old hash stuff and left it outside his house for me to pick up.  You see, there are some people who don't get the hash and, well...anyway...we don't see Butt Motion anymore.  Okay, back to the past.  So since I've taken the reins a bit and tried to get our biggest little hash up and r*nning again he thought I would like to have all our old stuff.  And I did (do?).

I picked up the bin from outside Butt Motion's house after work and was more than excited to see what was inside.  As soon as I was somewhere I could spend a few minutes digging, I cracked open the green beast and was ecstatic to find a chest of hidden treasures.  The first thing I dug through the bin to find was our original hash book.  You see, some hashes keep a log of each hash and who cums.  Details of who hared (led) the hash, who showed up, and how many of that city's hashes each individual has been to.

And here it is.  The original Reno Bump n Hump Hash House Harriers (that's the hash's previous name) book.  From hash #1 through #152.  It seems someone's dog got hold of the book so a new one had to be started.  The Reno BnH4 made it to 180-some-odd hashes before recently being reborn as Reno H3.  As with everything in life, the time for change had come and though we should never forget the past, starting anew can be a good thing.

Inside the treasure chest I also found way too many plastic cups
(we will be doing down-downs for days), chalk, a few stickers, some assorted haberdashery from other hashes, and a stack of shirts we made for the 2005 Burning Hare Hash.  Of course, they're all size XL so I envision having many gifts for hares of the coming hashes.  Sorting through all the old things was a fun experience.  I caught everyone in the new book up and tallied each person's hashes - well, at least for those who still show - and reminisced about the olden days.  I'm definitely excited to see where the Reno hash is headed.  (Head?  Who said head?  I'll have some of that!)

One last photo before I let you go.  My first hash.  Reno BnH4 hash #98 was Call Girl's hash #1.  Well, my first Reno hash anyway.  My true virgin hash (and therefore mother hash) was actually with the Iguanas in South Lake Tahoe in 2003.  Over my birthday weekend of course.  And for those of you familiar with or who have heard of the Iguanas, I'm sure you understand what a miracle it was that I returned to hashing.  In any case, a bit of history for you and I hope you enjoyed - or at least tolerated - it.

Until next time I suppose.  I hope to have an announcement about the next Reno hash coming up soon.  It's likely to be a mid-week r*n and we would certainly love to see some new faces.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.  I haven't figured out how to add the hash contact information yet, but you can leave a comment, email me at renoh3 at gmail dot com, find us on Twitter @RenoH3, or join our Yahoo group by searching renohash (one word).

On on,

Call Girl

Oh, and in case you are interested, I am now on or around hash #27 here in Reno.  I thought it would have been more than that, but I'm guessing we didn't count so many of the nights no one showed.)


  1. You updated everyone's hash numbers!! That's cool! Do you have the second book from Officer Dangle which is like swirly paisley cover? We recorded a few hashes in that one.
    And then before that, there was the book with the corner eaten off?
    Thunder Pi

  2. I will be in Reno 28 June to 4 July and was hoping to catch a hash and get some haberdashery while in Reno. Please let me know where I can get info on what’s happening this week in the Reno area.

    on-cumming in reno-on,

    Snatch A Batch